At 20 Knot Travel our mission is to deliver a custom curated adventure tailored to your wants and desires. We ask all the questions, Who, What, Where, When, and the most important question of all, Why? Why is Why so important?

When the why is known, we can then apply our expertise to create the best experience possible. We can suggest a better when or elevate the what. Even suggest a different where or add a nearby where to enhance the value for you.

We invest the time to research the what, where, and when for you. We have built relationships with the providers so you don't have to. We realize that you are busy and just want a memorable trip with family or friends.

Below you will find a handful of our training certifications. We are always learning so that we can deliver the best to you!



We are a Careers on Vacation certified agency.
Royal Caribbean Certificate
Highest Certification Available From Carnival Cruise Line
20 Knot Travel is a Los Cabos Specialist Certified agency
Regent_Luxury Cruise Expert
Silversea Luxury Specialist
We are certified as Accessible Travel Advocates
Princess Cruise Line Certified Experts